Answer Test 3, page 35 in your Junior English Project Textbook.

JSS1: Basic Science and Technology

Theme: Basic Technology

Mention 5 drawing instruments or materials and their uses. Draw 3 of them.

JSS1: Cultural and Creative Arts

Theme: Preforming Art or Music

JSS 1 Learners to draw a beautiful Recorder color it and label the parts.

JSS1: National Values

Theme: Civic Education

Write the names of the countries in Africa and their capitals.

JSS1 Christian Religious Studies

Using Genesis 3:1-19 as a reference.

a) Discuss the biblical account of the first human disobedience.

b) List four (4) consequences of Adam and Eve disobedience.

JSS1: National Values

Theme: Social Studies

  1. 1)What do you understand by primary social group?
  2. 2)Give four examples of primary social groups.
  3. 3)State three reasons why the family can be regarded as a primary social group.
  4. 4)Mention four roles and responsibilities members of the family play as primary social group.


Rewrite the passage in page 55 of your Junior English Project Textbook; replace the incorrect form of the adjective with the correct form.

JSS2: Prevocational Studies.

Theme: Home Economics

1. What are STDs?

2. Mention five ways HIV is contracted/ spread.

JSS2: National Values

Theme: Social Studies

1) Define drug trafficking

2)  What are the causes of drug trafficking?

JSS 2 Christian Religious Studies

1:  Mention two moral lessons that members of his family learn from Jesus' life and ministry.

2:  State an instance where Jesus obeyed His parents.

3: Tell the story of the childhood of Jesus as recorded in the gospels of Luke and Matthew.

JSS2: Basic Science and Technology.

Theme: Basic Technology.

Mention 10 machines used in woodworking industry and their uses.

Draw 3 of them.

JSS2: Cultural and Creative Arts

Theme: Preforming Art or Music

JSS 2 Learners to draw beautiful Violin color it and label the parts

JSS2: Prevocational Studies.

Theme: Agricultural Science.

 (1) Explain how soil can be separated mechanically and by using sieve.

(2) List all the particles found in the soil and their sizes in millimeter.

JSS2: National Values

Theme: Civic Education

1) Define federation.

2) Identity the need for federation.

3) List five benefits of discipline.

4) What is punctuality?

5) Define courage.

6) List and discuss types of courage.

JSS2: Basic Science and Technology

Theme: Basic Science

1) Write short note on the following

(a) Mechanical power (b) Electrical power 

2) Compare and Contrast between Mechanical power and Electrical power.

SS 1 Government Assignment.

1. Define Capitalism.

2. State four features of Capitalism.

3. Mention five merits and demerits of Capitalism.


SS 2 Government Assignment.

1. Define party System.

2. List and explain the four types of party system.

3. Outline four merits and demerits of two party system

SS 1 Literature in English

(Read and summarize the thirteen 13 events in the novel Second Class Citizen)

SS2 Literature in English

(Read the play, A Mid Summer's Night Dream summarize each Acts and write out the settings of each scene)


Your brother is about to enter secondary school. Write a letter to him, stating at least three problems he is likely to face in school and suggesting ways of solving them.


1. Define the following:

a. Plasmolysis

b. Haemolysis

c. Turgidity

d. Flaccidity


2. Give an experiment to demonstrate haemolysis in a blood cell.

3. Make a labelled diagram of the human skeleton.

4. State five differences between bone and cartilage

5. Describe a typical vertebra with the aid of a diagram.



1. With the aid of a diagram, describe incomplete metamorphosis in cockroach.


2. With the aid of a table, differentiate between sexual and asexual reproduction.


3. State the differences between:

I. Gymnosperms and angiosperms

II. Spermatophyta and bryophyta.


4. Draw and label correctly, the alimentary system of a man.


5. What are the similarities and differences between the alimentary canals of a bird and that of a grasshopper?

SS 2 Technical Drawing

1) What is working drawing in construction?

2) Mention 5 types of working drawing and explain 3

SS 2 Technical Drawing

1) What is working drawing in construction?

2) Mention 5 types of working drawing and explain 3

SS 2 Garment making

1. What is pattern?

2. What is drafting?

3. Mention five advantages of using patterns.

Mention five disadvantages of using pattern.


Your father insists that you must study medicine at the university, but you have an entirely different course in mind. Write a letter to him explaining why you prefer this other course and why he should allow you to make your own choice.

SS1: Agricultural Science

(1) Agriculture is the art and science that deals with the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals for man’s use, Discuss the art and the science of agriculture. (2). Discuss at least 5 problems of agriculture and their solutions

SS2: Agricultural Science

(1) Discuss plants based on their different classification. 

(2) List the various nutrients found in plants and their uses.

SS 1 Geography

Using a white cardboard paper, Draw a map of Nigeria and indicate the positions of the 36 states and the FCT

SS 2 Geography

Using a white cardboard paper, Draw a map of Africa and indicate the West-African countries

SS 1 Physics

Using a suitable wood, Construct a 15cm metre rule and calibrate it in centimeters and millimeters.

SS2. Physics  

Construct a toy car that can move using a disposable flat plate.

SS 1 Mathematics

SS 1 Christian Religious Knowledge

1) Explain the biblical expression “Faith without work is dead

2) What is a spiritual gift?

3) List two ways individual talents can be applied in the church.

4) List five spiritual gifts.

6) Explain the term humility

SS2 Chemistry

1a.  Put a half spoon of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) commonly known as baking powder in an aluminum plate and cut and squeeze the juice of lime or lemon on-the- sodium bicarbonate present in the aluminum plate.

1b. State your observation.

1c. Write a balance equation of sodium bicarbonate reacting with hydrochloric acid.

SS1 Chemistry

Using your house hold items or domestic materials describe how you can separate a mixture of sand and water

1b.) Define filtration.

1c.) Differentiate between soluble and insoluble particles

1d.) Differentiate between filtrate and residue.