It is the intention of the management of New Total Child Academy to involve parents of the learners in the learners’ academic achievement and performance, and also in the general development of the school.

Research and experience have shown that parental involvement is a key factor in student success. New Total Child Academy encourages parents and family members to become effectively involved in a partnership with the school and its administration.

Visiting the School

Parents are encouraged to visit the school as long as such visits do not disrupt school operations or interfere with the educational process. For the safety of students and staff, all school visitors must report to the school main office upon arrival before proceeding to any part of the school premises.

Appointments with Teaching Staff

In order to protect quality instructional time, classrooms will have minimal interruptions during the school day. Parents and /or guardians should schedule appointments with the teacher(s). This will ensure that teachers give full attention to visitors and reduce disturbance to instructional time.


Enquiries and Parental Complaints

As a parent or guardian, there may be times when you need to have a problem solved or have a question answered. You may also have suggestions for changes to improve our school system. Your input is important. Please address your complaints, questions or comments to the school principal.

Emergency Information

During school emergencies, parents must work with school officials and law enforcement agents to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Normal school programmes may change during an emergency.

Please make sure the school has your correct phone number(s).

Release of Students During the School Day


The school recognizes its responsibility for the proper care of students during school hours. In the event of request for early release of a student the parent/guardian is required to report to the school office to sign-out the student.

The protection of quality instructional time for your child is a priority. To minimize the loss of instruction, verification of any medical appointments may be requested by the school. Parents/guardians have the responsibility to provide the school with accurate, up-to-date information.

A teacher should not excuse a student from class to confer with anyone unless the request is approved by the principal/designee.

The school must always receive notification or authorization from the custodial parent/guardian before releasing the student to a non-custodial parent.


Disruption to School Activities


Parents/guardians are advised to conduct themselves in an orderly manner on school ground. They should desist from any act that would disrupt or interfere with educational processes, procedures or functions of the school.

The principal and security personnel are authorized to remove parents who conduct themselves in a disorderly, threatening, and/or intimidating manner from school premises.


Parent/Teacher Meeting

Parent/guardians are encouraged to attend the schools Parent- Teacher Forum which holds every term of the academic session.

Throughout the session, teachers may contact parents to review a child’s progress or academic performance in school if necessary. Parents are welcome to initiate meetings, and may do so by contacting the child’s teacher.

By sharing information, teachers and parents can build a strong foundation for a positive and rewarding school experience. Meetings may also be arranged by or with the school management.